Mark's Diner is a Maya 3D modeled animation that was inspired by classic drive-in diners, and might have been partly influenced by the aesthetics of Twin Peaks. 


The diner is situated in a forest in the middle of no-where. In creating this model, I always imagined it being in a more rural area, possibly located on the side of a lonely highway, surrounded by huge pine trees. This lead me to create the greenery to surround the diner model. In animating it, I decided to have the camera movement set the scene and emphasize the loneliness of the diner. To add more mystery, when the camera zooms out, the diner model floats into the air and disappears.

additional maya renders


integration into Unity

After animating and creating in Maya, I decided to integrate my model into Unity. To make the environment a little different from the one I had created in the Maya model, I created two landed masses connect by a bridge that was modeled in Maya. On one land mass there is a lonely little tent and a campfire. Across the bridge is where the diner model can be found. Due to previous input, I was aware that viewers would be curious as to what lies below the two floating islands, I decided to add a mystical river below. Under the bridge you can find floating light orbs, fog, and trees.